#Mid-Week Top Tip – Practical Recommendations On Refurbishing Buy To Let Properties

#Mid-Week Top Tip

Refurbishing a rental property
Our Recommendations


Please read below and look at the tips on what we believe should be avoided when refurbishing a property and our recommendations.
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  • When fitting a new combi- boiler we recommend fitting a Baxi Duo Tec. Over the years we have found this boiler to be the best value for money, most reliable and offers a 7 year guarantee.

Baxi Duo Tec 24HE – 7 year guarantee – suitable for a 1-2 bedroom property.
Baxi Duo Tec 28HE – 7 year guarantee – suitable for a 3 + bedroom property.


  • Please remember you must get your boiler serviced yearly to keep your warrantee valid.
  • When your tradesman installs a remote boiler thermostat make sure it is secured to the wall. Do not leave this free standing in the property. You are increasing the chances of this getting damaged and your tenants losing it in between tenancy agreements.




Exterior Door 

  • Paint the exterior door step black- a lot better than touching up white in between every tenancy agreement.
  • When fitting a new front door we always recommend a black composite door over any other type of door. They are more hard wearing than UPVC doors (don’t get kick marks in the panels) and don’t need maintained or painted like a wooden door. We recommend a small sky light at the top of the composite door to let in light. We do not go for composite doors with anything greater than a top sky light because we don’t want any future liabilities of smashed glass which a door with more glass will give.


  • When fitting a rear door we always recommend a UPVC door. Again we only fit a top sky light or no sky light if the door has a window pane above it because we don’t want any future liabilities of smashed glass. This is especially apparent with a rear door as most break in’s occur at the rear of a property.
  • We recommend silver furnishings on any exterior door to provide a contemporary finish.

Interior Door

  • If budget allows, fit solid wooden internal doors as opposed to egg boxed doors. A solid wood internal door will last a lot longer than an egg boxed door.
  • If you are replacing all of the internal doors or in one area (e.g. the upstairs), give them a wood stain finish as opposed to white. Over tenancy agreements, your doors need to be hard wearing and white painted doors will need repainted more often than a wood stain finish.



  • If you are replacing all of your door handles or in one area fit silver door handles to match your silver door bars and silver handles on your kitchen cabinets. This will produce a contemporary, modern feel.

Light Switch

  • If you are developing your full bathroom make sure the light switch is external not an internal pull cord. Internal pull cords will get grubby over time and often need re-attached to the ceiling when they have been pulled too hard.


Window Sills

In wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens we highly recommend fitting UPVC sills. If you are developing the full bathroom and kitchen, fit UPVC in your window reveals instead of tiling in this area. Window revels are notorious for condensation and if you tile this area your grout will become discoloured very quickly. UPVC window reveals on the other hand can be easily wiped down.

  • If a property is a single let and the rent is below £750.00 pcm in the North East we recommend to remove any sheds in a garden. By doing this you are reducing your future liabilities. For example if the shed roof needs re-felted you will be liable for the repair.


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