6 Guiding Principles Of Successful Property Investment

1.Begin with the end in mind – why do you want to invest in property? 
What do you want property investment to give you? It is key that your starting point begins with the end in mind.

Travel – see new places?

Financially free – for you and your love ones?


2.Buy Property in good areas
Do not rely on gut feeling, you can confirm if a property is in a good area or not by looking at RIGHTMOVE statistics. We measure these every month. This is illustrated by looking at the % of new listed properties that are SOLD or LET each month in each post code area. The higher % of properties that are SOLD or LET each month the better the area. Anything above 20% is a good area to invest.



3. Buy To Lets & House In Multiple Occupation
Only buy property that allows the potential for a LITTLE MONEY left in finance strategy. The property goes up in value through refurbishing it and adding value to it, allowing you to pull your refurbishment costs, solicitor costs and deposit costs back out by the property going up in value.


4. Buy to Flip
After all buying, refurbishment and selling costs you should be looking to make between £10,000-£20,000 per Buy to Flip.


5. Lease Options
A contract between a seller & buyer which gives you the use of the property from the date of the agreement. As a buyer you can rent the property out and the beauty of Lease Options is you don’t need a mortgage deposit, you are using the sellers cheap mortgage finance.


6. Take emotions out of the buying decision, buy based upon numbers and get paid based upon numbers
We have designed a DEAL machine for each property investment strategy so you can make sure the figures work.



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Take action and chose one of the following strategies:


1. Is it Lease Options – £150-£250 profit per month from the rent per property?


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2. Is it Buy to Let – £150-£250 profit per month from the rent per property?


3. Is it Buy to Flip – £10,000-£20,000 profit per property after all costs? 


4. Is it House in Multiple Occupation- £750-£1,500 profit per month off the rent per property? 



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