#Mid-Week Top Tip -Get Paid By Numbers –  Taking Emotions Out Of Your Buying Decisions

#Mid-Week Top Tip


Take Emotions Out Of The Buying Decision
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Get Paid By Numbers



One of the most important guiding principles of successful property investment is to automate and systematise your buying decisions. This is why we have designed a DEAL MACHINE for each investment strategy so you can make sure that the figures work.

Know the outcome before you waste your time.

We factor in all costs:


  • Buying Costs
  • Stamp Duty
  • Legal Fees
  • Running Costs Etc…


Click on the link below and you can see a list of ALL of the deal machines.
They are set up so that you can edit and play around with the calculations by editing the values in RED.




Gain Knowledge
See Opportunity
Take Action

email: mikebell@nguhomesalesonline.co.uk 
Or call: 0191 491 0333 and ask for Mike Bell if you would like to discuss your investment strategy.

Investment property that will run itself letting you do the things that you enjoy

The 5 Point Cycle Of Successful Property Investment: