A New Approach to getting Tenants from Down South & Receive £2k on-top!

A New Approach to getting Tenants from Down South & Receive £2k on-top!




We have just signed up to a Landlord Accreditation Association in a London borough which allows us to take tenants who can no longer afford housing in the south-east of England due to the benefit caps.  We have just accepted our first tenant, who used to live in Middlesbrough, and would like to relocate back to the area.  The landlord has won on two fronts since:




1. We managed to MAXIMISE the rent from the advertised figure of £395 to £495, since the tenant was allowed to receive more housing benefits.


2. Have just received over £2k, payable to the landlord from the council, for re-locating the tenant – this money went into the landlords back pocket!!


If you want to learn more contact us today.



You Need to Think Out of the Box When Trying to Rent a Property in a Difficult Area!



Certain areas in the North East, over the last 12 months, have experienced a massive reduction in demand. This has meant that these areas take a lot longer to rent than they previously did.  If you have a property in Easington Colliery or Seaham, for example, you will understand what I am talking about!



At NGU Homelettings we do not allow difficult market conditions to stop us finding the right tenant as quickly as we can. Along with our massive on-line marketing we look to explore every available option possible to attract tenants.



Recent examples have been mail shots, door knocking and adverts in local shops – a proactive approach!



If you have a Letting Agent who is stale and not trying different methods to find the best tenants  then give us a call because we do! We are passionate about what we do and we look forward to helping you.



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