£5000 Profit Last Week Around My Full Time Job – Trading Results From Last Week

You could do the same – Step into the Full member zone! 


In the last week we emailed you to show you a few of our results from the full member zone .

We focused our trading plan on buying GBPUSD { Great British Pound VS The US Dollar }  & buying a top ranked Cryptocurrency ETHUSD { Ethereum vs The US Dollar} 

Need a recap ? Take a look at the link to the previous emails from last week: 

GBPUSD Email – Click Here <<

ETHUSD Email – Click Here <<

Interested? We will teach you !!! 

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Does your current letting agent know how to refurbish your property for the long term without compromising on curb appeal?

As you can see from the before and after photos of this kitchen in one of our recent 2018 refurbishments there are a number of changes to create a more modern look with less liability.


  1. We have taken out the oven & hob to take away the liability for the landlord.
  2. We have taken away the cabinets from the right hand side of the door way which creates a more spacious look for a kitchen/diner. By removing the cupboard space and adding it all over to the left hand side of the kitchen this potentially reduces the wear and tear costs with them all being in one place.
  3. The colour scheme change also makes a big impact as this looks a lot more airy and modern with a gloss finish.

As a letting agent we pride ourselves in the developments that we carry out and we think that it’s very important to have access to a team of tradesman who can service all of your needs for when a property becomes vacant.
When tenants are looking to rent a property more than 50% of tenants chose their future homes initially based on the photographs/spec they see online and for every day that the property is on the market sitting empty you as the landlord are loosing money and not earning a rental return.
Due to the sheer size of our business, 700+ properties under management, with this figure growing week by week, we can offer professional tradesman who deliver on quality as well as on cost.
Visit our website to see what products we have used to begin your refurb http://www.ngupropertyrefurbishments.co.uk

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Have you went backward or side-wards in 2017? Read This!


We regularly get approached by new investors asking us to provide them with properties to secure “financial freedom” for themselves and the people around them.
Success is created by taking the steps towards your vision in the forms of short term and long term goals.


The steps are called ACTION.

To not much of a surprise, everyone is looking for a secret shortcut! “The next big thing, the secret formula, the next bubble!”


These words flow easy from my mind to the keyboard, to your screens.

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As we approach the start of a new year (2018), this is the time for those of you who wish to move forward and become professional/full time property investors need to add FOCUS to your efforts.

We have complied a list of our top tips below to help investors streamline this process.


Property Investor Survival Plan:


1. Be as educated and informed as possible to allow yourself to be able to consistently make the sure fire decisions to consistently make you money.


2. Seek professional advice on how to structure your property portfolio in a tax efficient manner.


3. Invest more time in planning and auditing your property business, measuring the effectiveness and tweaking to maximise performance on a monthly basis.

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Top 5 Things Successful Property Investors Do That Other Don’t


Are your actions leading you to success or failure? Replicate the 5 things successful property investors do to achieve long lasting success:


  1. Decide on your property strategy:


  • Buy, develop and sell for a profit
  • Buy to rent out to a tenant
  • If holding property long term, are you buying for the potential capital growth or the rental yield? This decision totally influences the areas you will buy in.
  • Lease Option Properties
  • HMO’s


DONT do a little bit of this.. a little bit of that. clearly define your core strategy and become an expert.


2. Take emotions out of the decision:



  • The figures need to work. Make sure you have a “deal machine” that works out if the deal is any good. I have attached an image of our Below Market Value Deal Machine which helps investors understand what amounts they should offer for a property to make serious profit.You can find this deal machine on our website: www.ngupropertyinvestments.co.uk 


  1. Make sure you have your power team in place:


  • Make sure you have a solicitor, mortgage broker, property investment company like us in place so when you see an opportunity you can take action.


  1. Never miss an opportunity again:


  • Joint Venture partners- investors can join together to collaborate on property projects.
  • By pooling each others finance together you may be able to get the opportunity that is out there that you previously wouldn’t off.

5.Take action get in contact with us: 


Absolutely rock solid property investment 
email: mikebell@nguhomesalesonline.co.uk 

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Yesterday we released our Buy To Let Refurbishment Manual – now have a look at our Buy to Flip Refurbishment Manual!


Buy To Flip Refurbishment Manual
NGU Property Refurbishments have produced a refurbishment manual to bring together years of experience in refurbishing properties when using a Buy To Flip property investment strategy.


Every property investor or landlord now has years of tried and tested knowledge as well as market leading new ideas and initiatives at your finger tips.

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NGU Property Refurbishments have produced a refurbishment manual to bring together years of experience in refurbishing Buy To Let properties.


Every property investor or landlord now has years of tried and tested knowledge as well as market leading new ideas and initiatives at your finger tips.


We have decided to share this knowledge to give investors and landlords an insight into the systemisation we have within the NGU Group.


This systemisation has allowed us to achieve time and time again property investment success stories with investors and landlords like you since 2007.

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Please click on the link below to download the latest stats from RIGHTMOVE to show the most desirable areas to BUY and LET (we update this every month).

We track how many properties that are listed in each postcode in the North East that are SOLD or LET within that month.

E.g. the higher the % SOLD or LET the better the area is. Any areas that have 20% + of listed properties being SOLD or LET within a month (the ones highlighted in green on the download) are the areas you should be investing in. 

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