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NGU are being followed by Channel 4
“Britain’s Benefit Tenants TV Programme “
Multiple Award Winning Agent


NGU On “Britain’s Benefit Tenants” on Channel 4 again in 2016!

NGU Homelettings was featured in episode 2 of “Britain’s Benefit Tenants” on Channel 4 in 2015. Meet the specialist letting agent trying to keep private landlords and tenants happy.


NGU Homelettings currently manages 720+ properties across the North East of England. We have a proven track record of taking over and turning around under-performing property portfolios on behalf of landlords. We offer our clients support and expertise when it comes to dealing with problematic sitting tenants and can offer an arm-chair service which reduces the stress of the eviction process. Whether you are dealing with an issue relating to a single tenant or you have a wider issue with your portfolio we would be happy to assist and offer competitive fees.

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NGU Property Refurbishments have produced a refurbishment manual to bring together years of experience in refurbishing rental properties.
Every property investor or landlord now has years of tried and tested knowledge as well as market leading new ideas and initiatives at their finger tips.

We have decided to share this knowledge to give investors and landlords an insight into the systematisation we have within the NGU Group.

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Latest Buy To Let Deal – Rent £550- £246.00 Cash Flow – £23,750 Equity-  Lines Open At 6PM

New Deal Released
Lines Open at 6PM
£23,750 EQUITY 
pull most of your money back out with £550 rent

  • Let us source you a property
  • Find you a tenant
  • Fully manage the property

Click the image below to view:

Buy to Let Deal- Lines Open Today

  • Purchase Price:                                       £56,000
  • Predicted end market value:                    £95,000
  • Predicted equity:                                      £23,750
  • Predicted Rental profit pcm after costs:   £246.00 pcm
  • Washington- North East Investment.
  • 9% Yield

You buy the property, we can organise the refurbishment to be project managed. The property will go up in value because it has undergone full renovation.

You could potentially use a re-mortgage finance strategy that allows you to re-finance the property via a Buy to Let mortgage after 6 months and only leave “Little Money Left In”.
You can recycle back out of the property and buy your next Buy to Let property:
“Take Action & Accelerate Your Property Journey”. 
To enter into this deal you need £29,340 initial capital, after
refinance with a Buy to Let mortgage the potential to only leave £10,090 in the property – the rest is refinanced back out.
Please click on the image below for property particulars: 

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Guest Speaker – Canary Wharf – (pin) Property Investors Network Meeting-

Thursday 5th May 2016

I am excited and privileged that the Property Investors Network have invited me to be a guest speaker at Canary Wharf pin- 5th May 2016.

I look forward to meeting you:

Click Here To Book-
TOPIC:Take Action & Accelerate Your Property Journey

As the owner of NGU Homelettings, NGU Homesales Online, NGU Property Investments and NGU Property Refurbishments; I will offer you an overview as to you can find and develop a property to allow it to go up in value to potentially pay for all of the refurbishment and deposit.

As an experienced landlord and investor, my property experience offers genuine substance and I will offer top tips for both new and experienced investors.

Take action and accelerate your property journey, don’t miss out on the talk!
Click Image To View:

Canary Wharf May 2016 Meeting


Date: Thursday 5th May 2016
Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm Networking & Registration
7:00pm – 9:00pm Meeting
Venue: De Vere Conference Suite
No. 1 Westferry Circus
E14 4HD
To read more about the NGU Group, see our featured story in the Your Property Network magazine by clicking on the image below: 

Join The Investor Priority List – Get 48 Exclusive Access To Investment Opportunities

Never Miss A Deal 
Investor Priority Waiting List
48 Hour Exclusive Access
2016 Priority Waiting List – Get exclusive access to new deals 48 hours before anyone else, giving you more time to research and gain information to make the sure-fire decisions and take action.


  • Lease Options
  • Buy To Let
  • Rock Solid Rental Property
  • Buy To Flip
  • House In Multiple Occupation ( HMO )


We have an ever-growing client catalogue, with a strong demand to secure and reserve investment opportunities as soon as they are released.

With the launch of the Investor Priority List, you will gain an extra two days to complete due diligence before the rest of the investor data-bank.

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New Product Launch RSR – Rock Solid Rental    —   Find It – Fund It – Fill It  

Rock Solid Rental Property (RSRs)


  • Rent £495pcm
  • 9.2% Gross Yield
  • 17% Annual Return on Investment


  1. FIND IT
  2. FUND IT
  3. FILL IT

“Take Action & Accelerate Your Property Journey” 

What is a Rock Solid Rental?
In a world of rising costs, now more than ever before investors need to be confident that they are purchasing only the best properties. Rock Solid Rental properties offer investors the full package:

  • Good Areas with Strong Rental Demand
  • Shorter Void Periods
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Better Quality Tenants
  • Opportunity for Capital Appreciation
  • Opportunity of Rental Increases

The Next Chapter in Property Investment
Rock Solid Rental opportunities are designed for investors that want to evolve with the times and develop with the ever changing market.

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Property in Negative Equity? Get An Easy £2000! Even If The Property Needs Work With This Smart Solution.

rental property anywhere in the UK
& get £2,000.00 cash up front 
Lease Options are an ideal way for landlords to sell their Buy to Let properties which have negative or little equity.

Are you a:

  • Reluctant landlord.
  • You haven’t got the funds to spend on your property to improve its condition to attract good tenants- does it need a new kitchen or bathroom?
  • You are seeking other opportunities?
  • Do you want to raise cash to reinvest?

Click Here – For More Info
Benefits to you- the vendor (seller) of doing a Lease Option

  • You could get up to £2,000.00 up front for doing a lease option from the buyer.
  • If your property has negative equity or little equity this is a way out.
  • You don’t have any maintenance on the property, this responsibility shifts to the new buyer.
  • Peace of mind.
  • The legal arrangements are handled by solicitors.
  • Sale price locked in.

Click Here – For More Info
We have a waiting list of investors who want negative or little equity Buy to Let properties in any condition.

We have a waiting list of ready to go investors who are willing to pay up to £2,000.00 cash up front to you to do a lease option on your property.
Click Here – For More Info
Click On The Image Below to download our
FREE brochure –  Property Lease Options Made Simple 

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#Mid-Week Top Tip – Key Questions to ask at the Vetting Stage to Prevent Rent Arrears

“He Who Fails to Plan is Planning to Fail.”- Winston Churchill
We list below the Detailed Questions you should ask any prospective tenant. These questions are tried and tested and are designed to help prevent rent arrears occurring and lower the risk of tenants damaging your property.

  1. Are they working or on benefits?
  2. How many hours do they work if they are on benefits?  This can affect what housing benefits they receive.
  3. Does the income they have stated include tax credits? This can change annually depending on how many hours they work.
  4. Do they have 3 years rental history? If not they will need a guarantor who earns 35 times the rental amount per annum.
  5. Have they ever been convicted of a criminal offence?
  6. Are they currently paying back any housing benefit overpayments?
  7. Do they or their partner have any issues with previous bad credit?
  8. Do they have any outstanding bad credit, CCJ’s, bankruptcy orders or IVAs?
  9. What is the age of each person who will be living in the property? Especially important if they are on housing benefits.
  10. Do they have children and if so are they entitled to claim child benefit for them?
  11. What bedroom rate do they qualify for and are they aware of the contribution amount they would have to pay to the rent?
  12. Do they smoke or have pets?
  13. Can they provide us with their contract information; their mobile or home telephone number, current home address and email address?
  14. Are they aware that if they do any part time work and claim local housing allowance that their work may contribute to a reduction in their local housing allowance? (This can even be the case if they work less than 16 hours.) This can lead to a higher top up being required and tenants need to be made aware of this.

I know what you are thinking!

WOW, I can’t ask all of those questions! If you are thinking this then you are wrong. It is essential that you ask these questions. These questions will allow you to gather the information you need so that you and your tenant are both confident that your property is the right choice for them.

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Middlesbrough Lease Option- £134.00 Cash Flow – 30% Annual Return

Get On The Housing Market
Lease Options – New Deal Released at 6pm today

This opportunity has been reserved by an investor on the Investor Priority List.
LEASE OPTIONS: Lines Open at 6pm Today

  • A Lease Option is a contract between a Landlord and a New Investor who takes control of the property.
  • You rent the property out.
  • Make money from the rent.
  • Make money from the property going up in value over the years.

New Lease Option Deal Released at 6pm Today :

  • 2 Bed Apartment
  • 10 year Lease Option
  • £134.00 cash flow per month
  • Net Annual Income £1,619.00
  • Middlesbrough- Teesside Lease Option
  • 30% Annual Return
  • Low Entry Level Lease Option

Please click on the image below for property particulars: 

blog 12 blog13

Take action: LINES OPEN TODAY AT 6PM: 
(Please reply ‘YES’ to reserve or ‘More Info’ for more details)

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RSR – Rock Solid Rental    —   Find It – Fund It – Fill It  

Rock Solid Rental Property
Ready To Go Investment Opportunity
£20,000 Equity
£525 Rent PCM

Click Here For More Information

  • Let us source you a property
  • Find you a tenant
  • Fully manage the property

Buy to Let Deal- Lines Open 6pm

  • Purchase Price:                                       £80,000
  • Predicted equity:                                      £20,000
  • Predicted Rental profit pcm after costs:   £234.00 pcm
  • Gateshead- North East Investment.

“Take Action & Accelerate Your Property Journey”. 
We are excited to reveal that this month our investors will see the launch of our highly anticipated Rock Solid Rentals (RSRs) ! This email offers you a preview to these fabulous new investment opportunities. 

But what makes a Rock Solid Rental? We know that in a world of rising costs, legislation changes; now more than ever before investors need to be confident that they are purchasing only the best properties. These opportunities will offer them the positive property journey investor dreams about but so often fails to achieve. Rock Solid Rental properties offer investors the full package: good areas that offer strong rental demand, shorter void periods, lower maintenance costs, better quality tenants, potential for capital appreciation and the opportunity of rental increases.

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