Save money by doing a 793 Point Property Condition Report on your rental property.

Most people will do a “walk round” of their property to make sure it looks presentable for viewings.


Most people will do an inventory on their property before a tenant moves in.



WHAT I DON’T UNDERSTAND, why don’t people do a detailed property condition report on their rental property to make sure it not only looks good for viewings but is suitable for living in!


Most reactive maintenance comes in the first 6 months of a tenant moving in. Such thinks as leaking pipes, loose door handles, doors which need shaved and loose door bars are maintenance that can be easily avoided. By doing a thorough property condition report on a property before a tenant moves in, will highlight any maintenance issues in one go which is a lot cheaper to sort out than sending individual tradesman to do jobs when they are reported by a new tenant.

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Let your property for Free!

From January 2015 we will let any property to a professional tenant in Gateshead or Newcastle when a landlord takes up our management service.



Why choose NGU Homelettings?
Award Winning Letting Agent – Voted the number 1 Estate & Letting agent in our area in 2014.


Quality Vetting – We have an in-house vetting team which ensures we only give you the best tenants that are on the market.

Rent Guarantee – We have two types of products:
•          Your rent is paid 100% of the time, even if your property is empty*
•          Your rent is paid 100% of the time when your property is tenanted*

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Own Cash Flow Positive Investment Property With None Of Your Own Money!

Have you always wanted to invest in property, but don’t have the funds for a big mortgage deposit? Maybe you can’t get the funds due to self-employed status. Whatever the reason, if you are interested in investing in property, have the passion to be a property investor, we have the solution for you!




We have vendors looking to sell their property throughout the UK via the route of a lease option. A lease option gives our vendors the immediate freedom to walk away from their property with no ongoing financial responsibility and at no cost.

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100% success rate – We have never failed to obtain possession of property! Landlords – Do you need help evicting your current North East Tenant? If so, NGU Homelettings can help you!

NGU Homelettings currently manages 600+ properties across the North East of England. We have a proven track record of taking over and turning around under performing property portfolios on behalf of landlords. We offer our clients support and expertise when it comes to dealing with problematic sitting tenants and can offer an arm-chair service which reduces the stress of the eviction process. Whether you are dealing with an issue relating to a single tenant or you have a wider issue with your portfolio we would be happy to assist and offer competitive fees.

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If you do the same things, you will get the same results. Simple question for you?

Do you believe that one day, you will not live in the world
that you was given to you, but you will actually live in the world that you dream of!




Best Motivational Video-Be Phenomenal!
Click on the link on our HMO website to get motivated
for the weekend


How do you maximise your rent through Local Housing Allowance?

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Increase your profits and have a guaranteed buyer at the end of a long term tenancy-RENT TO BUY for your Tenants

So, what is RENT to BUY for your Tenants?



RENT TO BUY is a fantastic way for your existing tenant or new tenant to eventually own the property that they are currently renting or going to rent. We have launched this product due to more and more tenants enquiring if they can purchase the property that they are in.




With RENT to BUY for your tenants you have a guaranteed buyer at the end of a long term tenancy agreement. 

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Sell your negative equity rental property anywhere in the UK & get £3,000 cash up front

Lease Options are an ideal way for landlords to sell their Buy to Let properties which have negative or little equity. We have a waiting list of investors who want negative equity Buy to Let properties and in any condition.




We have a waiting list of over 15 investors who are willing to pay up to £3,000.00 cash upfront to you to do a lease option on your property.


So what exactly is a Lease Option?
A Lease Option is a contract between you and a buyer which gives the buyer the use of your Buy to Let property from the date of signing the agreement.

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Refurbishment Cost Saving Expert

High quality property development and maintenance services at low prices for rental properties in the North East.



To ensure property void periods are minimized you need to have access to a team of tradesmen who can service all of your needs.




For every day a property is empty, it is losing money and not earning a rental return.

Due to the sheer size of our business, 600+ properties under management, with this figure growing week by week, we can offer professional tradesmen who deliver on quality as well as on cost.

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Flipping properties that need refurbishment for profit

Buy a property, do it up, sell at a profit-2015 is the year to maximize your income.



NGU Source High Yielding Below Market Value properties for investors in the North East.




We only source properties that are below market value and need refurbishment. Properties like this are ideal for flipping for profit.


We can undertake full scale developments including our FREE PROJECT MANAGEMENT service as well as minor maintenance. We can tell you exactly how much it will cost to refurbish a property to get it ready to flip or for the rental market.

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