Buy Properties Without The Need To Save Up For Deposits- No Money Left In

Imagine needing just one deposit to buy multiple properties. Imagine being able to grow your property business faster using this strategy.


The good news is there is such a strategy. My brother and I should we know, we own over 150 plus properties and have sourced over 100+ properties for property investors like you since 2008



House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)-High Rental Yields: replace your current income with 1 property.


Business Strategy:-



  • The NGU Group sources properties and turns them into professional HMO’s.
  • We add value to the property by adding additional en-suite rooms through changing the lay out of the property or converting the loft space.
  • Rental yields shoot through the roof.
  • This sees the properties go up in value to allow the potential for a “no money left in” finance strategy so you can pull out your deposit and refurbishment money and move onto the next property.


Lease Options- allows you to buy properties without using any of your personal cash and credit.



  • Lease Options allow you to quickly set up streams of income. Discover the secrets of making money on properties you control, but do not currently own.



Below Market Value Properties- buy, refurbish and flip straight away to make profit.



  • Buy a property that is run down and needs work.
  • Make sure there are comparables showing what the property can be worth once refurbished.
  • NGU Homelettings offer a free project management service to do all of the work.
  • Use a mortgage/finance strategy that allows you to pull your money back out within 6 months.


Investment Property That Will Run Itself:-



  • Let us source you a property
  • Find you a tenant
  • Fully manage the property




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Make 2015 the year you make money through property with a no money left in strategy






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Never Give Up

Chris Fitzakerley
Managing Director