BUY TO LET – ADD VALUE £35,000 EQUITY pull most of your money back out with £600 rent




  • Let us source you a property
  • Find you a tenant
  • Fully manage the property

Buy to Let Deal- Lines Open 6pm:



  • Current market value:                              £85,000
  • Predicted end market value:                    £120,000
  • Predicted equity:                                      £35,000
  • Predicted Rental profit pcm after costs:   £250.00 pcm
  • Wardley, Gateshead- North East Investment.


You buy the property, we can organise the refurb. The property will go up in value because we have refurbished it.

You could potentially use a re-mortgage finance strategy that allows you to re-mortgage the property via a Buy to Let mortgage after 6 months and only leave “Little Money Left In”.
You can recycle back out of the property and buy your next Buy to Let property:


“Take Action & Accelerate Your Property Journey”.


To enter into this deal you need £34,590 initial capital. After refinance with a Buy to Let mortgage, the potential to only leave £8,340 in the property – the rest is refinanced back out.






  • Most of the time expect to leave in between 10%-25% of your initial capital investment.
  • Bad areas will allow you to pull all of your money out, but why would you want to buy a property in a bad area?
  • There is a 1 degree of difference between a sucessful property investment and amateurs. ROCK SOLID INVESTMENT



Take action: LINES OPEN 6PM TODAY: 
(Due to demand we can’t take any reservations on any property
until phone lines open)


Or call: 0191 491 0333 and ask for Mike Bell
Investment property that will run itself letting you do the things that you enjoy