Latest Buy To Let Deal – £215.00 Cash Flow – £22,750 Equity- Lines Open 6pm

£22,750 EQUITY 
pull most of your money back out with £500 rent



  • Let us source you a property
  • Find you a tenant
  • Fully manage the property


Buy to Let Deal- Lines Open 6pm


  • Current market value:                              £70,000
  • Predicted end market value:                    £90,000
  • Predicted equity:                                      £22,750
  • Predicted Rental profit pcm after costs:   £215.00 pcm
  • Durham City Centre- North East Investment.
  • 9% Yield
  • Potential use as a non-licence Student HMO property


You buy the property, we can organise the refurbishment to be project managed. The property will go up in value because it has undergone full renovation.
You could potentially use a re-mortgage finance strategy that allows you to re-finance the property via a Buy to Let mortgage after 6 months and only leave “Little Money Left In”.
You can recycle back out of the property and buy your next Buy to Let property:

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Lettings Update – Changes From April 2016

The following benefit changes are set to take place in 2016, some may be subject to change or approval.


Benefit and Tax Credit rates frozen


The main rates of working age benefits and tax credits will be frozen in cash terms for 4 years from April 2016. Pensioner benefits are excluded from the benefit freeze and will be protected by the ‘triple lock’.


Disability benefits, the disability-related elements of tax credits and statutory payments including Personal Independence Payment, Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance (Support Group only), Maternity Allowance, Statutory Maternity/Paternity Pay and Statutory Sick Pay, will be uprated in line with the Consumer Prices Index (CPI). The CPI was announced to have fallen in the year to September 2015 so this means that the benefits mentioned above will not be increased from April 2016.

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Latest HMO Opportunity – Latest Deal 6pm Release

High Yielding HMO






  • Let us source you a property
  • Organise project management
  • Find you a tenant
  • Fully manage the property




  • Current market value:                £85,000
  • Predicated end market value:    £120,000
  • Gateshead- 10 minutes from Newcastle City Centre
  • Rental profit pcm after all costs: £485.00


You buy the property, we can organise the project management. The property will go up in value because we have refurbished it and made it into a high specification 4 bedroom HMO. You pocket £485.00 profit per month from the rent after all costs.
To enter into this deal you need £75,000 initial capital.

Annual Return On Investment 15.14%

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Earn Upto £2000 Cash – Negative Equity, Needs Work, No Problem – Lease Option Is The Solution!

rental property anywhere in the UK
& get £2,000.00 cash up front 
Lease Options are an ideal way for landlords to sell their Buy to Let properties which have negative or little equity.

Are you a:


  • Reluctant landlord.
  • You haven’t got the funds to spend on your property to improve its condition to attract good tenants- does it need a new kitchen or bathroom?
  • You are seeking other opportunities?
  • Do you want to raise cash to reinvest?


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Benefits to you- the vendor (seller) of doing a Lease Option


  • You could get up to £2,000.00 up front for doing a lease option from the buyer.
  • If your property has negative equity or little equity this is a way out.
  • You don’t have any maintenance on the property, this responsibility shifts to the new buyer.
  • Peace of mind.
  • The legal arrangements are handled by solicitors.
  • Sale price locked in.


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We have a waiting list of investors who want negative or little equity Buy to Let properties in any condition.
We have a waiting list of ready to go investors who are willing to pay up to £2,000.00 cash up front to you to do a lease option on your property.
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A 35% Return In Property ……6 Simply Principles



The business model for most lease options is for the investor/buyer to position themselves between the owner/seller and a tenant with five objectives in mind.


Objective 1–  Achieve continuous cash-flow with a low entry level of initial capital from the property and target a net annual return on capital investment of 35%+.


Objective 2 – The property increases in value above the sellers agreed fixed purchase price within the option period; this allows the buyer to cash in by exercising the lease option. (We call this the cherry on top!)

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#Mid Week Top Tip – Maximise The Rent On Your Rent By Doing Nothing

Do you maximise your rent through
Local Housing Allowance?

Before I go into this; I think it’s key that I clear up one great myth I hear about Local Housing Allowance (LHA) tenants – will LHA tenants destroy my property?

There are good people who are workers and there are good people on LHA. There are bad people who are workers and there are bad people on LHA. The difference between you getting a good or bad tenant is not if they are working or not but making sure you have the right vetting criteria.

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Lease Option – No Money Down!  We will give you the unfair advantage!


We will give you an Unfair Advantage!


Book your place – Click Here
NGU Property Education will  give you an unfair advantage over other less educated investors who don’t understand the value of investing in themselves.


This one-day interactive workshop has been specifically designed to give you all of the tools, knowledge and contacts you need to start finding great investment deals as soon as possible.


Learn everything about one of the most profitable ways to invest in property. By controlling properties from motivated sellers, who are more than happy to lease you their property and release positive cash flow.

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#Mid-Week Top Tip – Saving you money!  Get charged 5%VAT? Make sure you get charged the correct VAT


#Mid-Week Top Tip – 


Get Charged 5% VAT –
VAT should be charged @ 5% on renovation works to a dwelling where the dwelling has been empty for at least two years when the works begin.

If you take up a service from a contractor which supply and install goods within the service, They will also need to determine the liability of those goods. If they install goods that are not building materials (such as carpets or fitted bedroom furniture) they must also standard-rate your installation charge.

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Can you take advantage of an active sales market?



Our award winning estate agency NGU Homesalesonline are here to meet your property requirements.

Based in Gateshead, we cover the whole of the North East. Over the years we have sold hundreds of properties like yours. We are here to help if you think it may be time to sell. We know that your priority is to achieve the best possible price. However, we also understand the importance of achieving a sale in a suitable time-frame.

When a customer instructs us to sell their property, they will be using an Estate agent that has been voted the number 1 Estate Agent for customer reviews in our area on all-agents, the UK’s largest directory of reviews.

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