FOR SALE 1 Bedroom flat for £15,000 Buy, Refurbish, Add Value CONVERT TO A 2 BEDROOM FLAT New Deal Released at 6:00pm today

Buy To Let Opportunity:



  • Get on the housing market with a £15,000- 1 bedroom flat.
  • We can refurbish the property for you & add value to make it a 2 bedroom flat.
  • We can find you a tenant.
  • We can fully manage the property.


Buy To Let Deal Released: HEADLINE FIGURES



  • 1 Bed Flat
  • Washington, Tyne & Wear, NE37
  • Rent from £295.00-£433.00 per calender month.
  • Armchair investment-we will fully manage this property for you.


Please click on the link below to download
the property particulars:




  • Type of tenants –              Professional or benefits tenants.
  • Type of investment –        Low money in entry level.
  • Investment strategy –       Rental yield.

Buy To Let Deal Released: DETAILED FIGURES



  • Total Rent     £295.00 pcm if it remains 1 bedroom for professionals


£381.00 pcm if it remains 1 bedroom for benefit tenants.





  •   Total Rent    £325.00 pcm for professional tenants.


£433.00 pcm for benefit tenants.



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5 Guiding Principles Of Successful Property Investment

Begin with the end in mind-why do you want to invest in property?
What do you want property investment to give you? It is key that your starting point begins with the end in mind.



  • Travel-see new places?
  • Financially free- for you and your love ones?

Do not rely on gut feeling, you can confirm if a property is in a good area or not by looking at the RIGHTMOVE statistics. We measure these every month. This is illustrated by looking at the % of new listed properties that are SOLD or LET each month in each post code area. The higher % of properties that are SOLD or LET each month the better the area. Anything above 20% is a good area to inves

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Get On The Housing Market WITH NO MONEY DOWN Lease Option-New Deal Released at 4:00pm today

Lease Options:



  • Get on the housing market without having to pay Buy to Let deposits.
  • Rent out your Lease Option property and make money on the rental income & the property increasing in value.


New Lease Option Deal Released: HEADLINE FIGURES



  • 2 Bed Terrace
  • Skelton-In-Cleveland
  • £204.44 cash positive
  • Armchair investment-we will fully manage this property for you.


Please click on the link below to download
the property particulars:






  • A Lease Option is a contract between a seller & buyer which gives the buyer the use of the property from the date of the agreement.
  • The attraction to the buyer is you can piggy back on someone else’s finance to get on the housing market without the need for big Buy to Let deposits.


New Lease Option Deal Released: DETAILED FIGURES



  • Total Rent                                   £395.00 pcm
  • Gross Annual Rent                     £4,740.00
  • Monthly Mortgage                       £151.06
  • Lettings Management Fee          £39.50
  • Net Cash Flow                            £204.44
  • Net Annual Return                    £2,453.33 (no mortgage deposit required)




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What are your goals and dreams if you could do anything?

  • Is it travel, where would you go, who would you take with you?
  • Is it to be financially free?
  • Do you believe you are in charge of your own financial destiny?


Most people don’t invest in property because they are scared or they listen to negative people around them. “What if this happens or what happens if this goes wrong”?


My property journey- I started with nothing.
Read about my property journey with my brother in Your Property Network Magazine, click on the below link:



The main difference between me and my friends is I took action, educated myself and surrounded myself with people who were also taking action.

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New Below Market Value Property Deal Out Today Phone Lines Open 6:00pm Today

Make sure you are seeing the opportunities that are out there in 2015.


Below Market Value Properties-Buy, Develop & Sell To Make A Profit Straight Away.



  • We have the tradesman to organise the refurbishment for you if needed. 
  • We have an award winning Estate Agency that can sell the property for you. 
  • Make profit through buying, developing and selling property in 2015!


End Profit After Selling Costs- £14,784.00



Click On The Link Below To See More Details:




2015 Property Opportunities 



Purchase Price                                       £42,500



End Market Value                                   £75,000

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Buy Property Without The Need To Save Up For Deposits NO MONEY LEFT IN

Imagine needing just one deposit to buy multiple properties. Imagine being able to grow your property business faster using this strategy.


The good news is there is such a strategy. My brother and I, we should know, we own over 150 plus properties and have sourced over 100+ properties for property investors like you since 2008.



House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)- High Rental Yield: replace your current income with 1 property.



  • The NGU Group source properties and turns them into professional HMO’s.
  • We add value to the property by adding additional en-suite rooms through changing the lay out of the property or converting the loft space.
  • Rental yields shoot through the roof.
  • This sees the properties go up in value to allow the potential for a “no money left in” finance strategy so you can pull out your deposit and refurbishment money and move onto the next property.

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The current #1 reason why tenants give notice is to buy their own house! Could ‘rent to buy’ offer you a new direction with your investment property?

Have you ever thought about offering your property as a ‘rent to buy’ property?


In recent months we have seen a stark rise in the number of our tenants moving out of their rented homes to get their foot on the property ladder. What if they could buy the home they are renting from you? Could such an agreement be mutually beneficial for both landlord and tenant?


With interest rates at an all-time low and the launch of the government backed ‘help to buy’ scheme & ISA the opportunities for first time buyers under the current market conditions have become extremely favourable leading to many young working professionals taking advantage whilst they can.

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Repairs in your Rental Property

Smoke Alarms 



  • From the 1st October 2015 there is a change in the law, all landlords are required to fit smoke alarms on all floors and carbon monoxide detectors in any room with a solid fuel appliance.


  • These appliances need to be tested at the start of each tenancy agreement.


  • Make sure you have a document that is signed by you and your tenant(s) confirming this.


Why Fixing Repairs in Your Rented Property Is Essential



  • As a landlord fixing repairs in your property should fall into the following two categories “Moral Reasons” and “Health and Safety”. If these reasons don’t tug at your heart strings there is now two other major reasons why you should always fix repairs in your property:


  1. Housing Health and Safety Rating System Officer (HHSRS)


  • Your tenant can call the local council and get one of these officers to assess the housing condition via a risk assessment approach.


  • There are 29 separate hazards under the HHSRS.


  • Category 1 hazards must be done- no ifs or buts- these are dangerous.


  1. Affects You Serving a Section 21 Notice


If a tenant reports a category 1 hazard and the HHSRS issue a notice to do the work, a section 21 cannot be served from the date of this notice for 6 months.



800 Point Property Condition Report



  • When your tenant moves out, a walk around your property is not sufficient. An adhoc approach will not work.


  • NGU Homelettings carry out an 800 point property condition report before any


  • tenant moves into a property to confirm the property is safe and ready to be let.


  • Make sure you have a systemised approach when your property is vacant to allow you to check its condition.


See below example of NGU Homelettings
800 point Propery Condition Report to share ideas:



Help and advice from our experienced and friendly team is just one step away:

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