New 30% Below Market Value (BMV) Property Deal Out Today-£37,000 Profit

Make sure you are seeing the opportunities that are out there in 2015.


Below Market Value Properties-Buy, Develop & Sell To Make A Profit Straight Away.






  • We have the tradesman and project management skills to organise the refurbishment for you if needed. 


  • We have an award winning Estate Agency that can sell the property for you. 


  • Make profit through buying, developing and selling property in 2015!


  • Latest deal has a forecasted profit of £37,000


New 30% BMV Property Deal Out Today
Click On The Below Image To See More Details:




Latest Property Opportunity – Deal Live at 5:00pm Today!



  • Purchase Price                                                           £240,000
  • Refurbishment Costs                                                  £27,000
  • End Market Value                                                        £310,000


Take action: if you do the same things you get the same results. Property investment does have risks like any other investments but if you want to really make 2015 the best year you have ever had what are you waiting for.

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We Will Beat Any Quote Kitchens, bathrooms, property refurbishments

NGU Property Refurbishments will beat any genuine quotation. As long as you have the quote we will beat the price.


We are a one stop shop for property development:



  • If you are buying a property to – RefurbishSell – and Make a Profit we can cost the development so you know exactly how much it will cost- anywhere in the North East.


  • If you have an empty rental property, we can do an 800 point property condition report for FREE to confirm what is needed to make the property ready for the rental market.


  • If your property has been vacant longer than it should have (council tax will be hitting you in the back pocket) it may be due to the property condition. We can go out to the property for FREE to assess what is needed to get a tenant into your property ASAP.


We can undertake full scale developments as well as minor maintenance work


Example prices: 



  • New Kitchen (High Specification)-brand new fully fitted kitchen including floor and wall coverings-£2,000


  • New Bathrooms (High Specification)-brand new fully fitted bathroom including floor and wall coverings-£1,800


Gas Safe Annual certificate-£59.00



Help and advice from our experienced and friendly team is just one step away:




Take action: one stop shop for property development 

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Top 15 Property Refurbishment Tips For A Rental Property

Top 15 Tips:-

1. Put hard tread matting in the entrance to encourage your tenants to wipe their feet.


2. Paint the exterior door step black-a lot better than touching up white in every tenancy agreement.


3. Put laminate flooring in your living room/diner-these are high traffic areas and while more expensive, laminate will last longer than carpet.


4. Fit a UPVC ceiling in your kitchen/bathroom- you will know longer have condensation problems on the ceiling and you will no longer have to touch up the ceiling after every tenancy.

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Turbo Boost Your Income With A Potential No Money Left In HMO Property

What does this all mean? We source properties which potentially allow you to:-



  • Refinance at the end of the property development to pay for the refurbishment costs (no money left in)
  • Refinance at the end of the property development to pay for your mortgage deposit (no money left in)
  • Profit per month on the latest property deal £944.00


IN A NUT SHELL: you have the potential to own a property that will produce a profit of £944.00 per calender month and due to the property going up in value at the end of the development (which we will project manage), the property can be refinanced to pay for your deposit and development costs.


Latest No Money Left in Property Deal
Released at 5:45pm today!
Click on the image below for more info:

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No Money Down Property Portfolio Just In-Northern Investment £65K Annual Return

We have just negotiated with a landlord to convert his Buy to Let portfolio into Lease Option deals (20 + properties). This allows new investors to take control of his properties without the need of deposits.






  • 5K net
  • 65 K annual return
  • All properties have sitting tenants producing an income from day 1!


If you are unsure of what a Buy to Let Lease Option is and how you can make a lot of money in 2015 from doing them please click on the following link from our website:



Buy to Let Lease Option deals go to market at 11:00am tomorrow!

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Top 5 Things Successful Property Investors Do That Other Don’t

Are your actions leading you to success or failure? Emulate the 5 things successful property investors do to achieve long lasting success:



1. Decide on your property strategy:



  • Buy, do up and sell for a profit
  • Buy to rent out to a tenant
  • If holding property long term, are you buying for the potential capital growth or the rental yield? This decision totally influences the areas you will buy in.
  • Lease Option Properties





2. Take emotions out of the decision:



  • The figures need to work. Make sure you have a “deal machine” that works out if the deal is any good. I have attached an image of our Below Market Value Deal Machine which helps investors understand what amounts they should offer for a property to make serious profit. You can find this deal machine on our website


  1. Make sure you have your power team in place:


  • Make sure you have a solicitor, mortgage broker, property investment company like us in place so when you see an opportunity you can take action.


  1. Never miss an opportunity again:


  • Joint Venture partners- investors can join together to collaborate on property projects.
  • By pooling each others finance together you may be able to get the opportunity that is out there that you previously wouldn’t off.


  1. Take action:


  • Alongside of my brother Nigel I own 150 + properties and I am actively buying in 2015. I am not super human I have just found gaps in the market that make serious amounts of money and ran and ran with it!


Investment Property That Will Run Itself



  • Let us source you a property
  • Find you a tenant
  • Fully manage the property


Take action:



If you would like to schedule a personal call about selling, buying, letting or investing in property you can do so here:

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Make Money Through Property With A Lease Option

Have You Heard about Property Lease Options but your not quite sure what they are? 

More and more investors are making money through cash positive property through property lease options in 2015.



  • A Lease Option is a contract between a Landlord and a New Investor who takes control of the property.
  • You rent the property out.
  • Make money from the rent.
  • Make money from the property going up in value over the years.


If you would like to schedule a personal call about selling, buying, letting or investing in property you can do so here:


Or, alternatively register your interest via



Or call: 0191 491 0333 and ask for Mike Bell 
Investment property that will run itself letting you do the things that you enjoy

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Get On The Housing Market WITH NO MONEY DOWN Lease Option-New Deal Released at 6:00pm today

New Lease Option deal out today, take action:


Call Mike Bell (Senior Property Sourcer) to reserve this property. Phone lines are open from 6:00pm today.
0191 491 0333





Call Mike Bell (Senior Property Sourcer) to reserve this property. Phone lines are open from 6:00pm today. This deal is strictly first come first served basis:
0191 491 0333


Below Market Value Properties- buy property below market value & build a pension pot for your future:

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Turbo Boost Your Income With A Potential No Money Left In HMO Property

Turbo Boost Your Income With A Potential No Money Left In HMO Property


We have just had another offer accepted for a property in Newcastle upon Tyne for one of our investors on a property that we will be converting into a high yielding HMO (House In Multiple Occupation).

Figures for the property we have just sourced:




  • Purchase Price                                                 £160,000
  • Potential End Value                                                £250,000
  • Total expected Rent per month                                               £2,340.00
  • You do the maths!



Investment property that will run itself:



  • Let us source you a HMO property that has the potential to be a no money left in strategy (recycle the deposit and refurbishment costs back out of the property by it going up in value at the end of the development).
  • We will do the property development for you.
  • Find you tenants.


Fully manage the property




Turbo boost your income with a HMO Property: 

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Top Northern Property Hotspots in 2015

Find good property investments. 
Please click on the link below to download the latest stats from RIGHTMOVE to show the most desirable areas to BUY and LET (we update this every month).


We track how many properties that are listed in each post code in the North East that are SOLD or LET within that month.


E.g. the higher the % SOLD or LET the better the area is. Any areas that have 20% + of listed properties being SOLD or LET within a month (the ones highlighted in green on the download) are the areas you should be investing in. 

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