I hope to be able to meet you soon!

I hope to be able to meet you soon!


I have just completed the Property Investor Network (PIN) speaker skills training last Friday.


The training was packed with content and and gives me an opportunity to speak at a PIN meeting.


I already speak monthly at the Newcastle upon Tyne and Teeside PIN via the lettings slot but by doing this training it will allow me to speak for 20 minutes at another PIN.


I am hoping that the PIN group are interested in the NGU story and if chosen, I look forward to being able to meet someone of you at the different PIN meetings across the country (fingers crossed).


To read more about the NGU Group, see our featured story in the Your Property Network magazine:







New 30% BMV Property Deal Out Today

Make sure you are seeing the opportunities that are out there in 2015.


Below Market Value Properties-Buy, Develop & Sell To Make A Profit Straight Away.



  • We have the tradesman to organise the refurbishment for you if needed. 
  • We have an award winning Estate Agency that can sell the property for you. 
  • Make profit through buying, developing and selling property in 2015!


New 30% BMV Property Deal Out Today

Click on the link below to see more details







Take action: if you do the same things you get the same results. Property investment does have risks like any other investments but if you want to really make 2015 the best year you have ever had what are you waiting for.

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Is 2015 a good year for property investment?

Over the years I have spoken to all types of property investors, which one are you?



  1. You like the idea of buying property but you haven’t taken action.
  2. You have stepped onto the property investment ladder and have bought a property.
  3. You have a nice portfolio of properties and have become comfortable.
  4. You seek out every opportunity to make money from property investment and take action through the strategies that best suites you.


Well – I use to be number 3, I became comfortable not anymore!


Make sure you are seeing the opportunities that are out there in 2015:




  • Below Market Value – buy, refurbish and sell property to make a profit.





  • Lease Options-take control of another landlord’s property without the need for mortgage deposits.





  • House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)- super max your income!



Latest Opportunity the NGU Group has done: 



We have a 4 bedroom upper flat in South Shields that was achieving £450.00 rent per month. We converted this into a 4 bedroom en-suite professional HMO. We were expecting a rent of £1,650.00 but eventually settled on £1,380.00 This is an increase of £930.00 rent per month.

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Refurbishment Cost Saving Expert

Refurbishment Cost Saving Expert 


High quality property development and maintenance services at low prices for rental properties in the North East.


To ensure property void periods are minimized you need to have access to a team of tradesman who can service all of your needs.


For every day a property is empty, it is losing money and not earning a rental return. 

Due to the sheer size of the business, 650 + properties under management, with this figure growing week by week, we can offer professional tradesman who deliver on quality as well as on cost.

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Make sure you give your tenant a TENANT HANDBOOK

A tenant handbook will provide your tenant with all of the information that they will need to be able to enjoy living in your property and makes sure that it is handed back in the correct condition or improved.


POP QUIZ why do you need to have a TENANT HANDBOOK? Do you or your tenants know the answers to these questions if asked?



  1. What do your tenants do if they lock themselves out
  2. -who is responsible for the cost?
  3. Can your tenants have an 8 foot trampoline in your back garden?
  4. Can your tenants repair vehicles outside of your property?
  5. Can your tenants have a caravan on the drive?
  6. How do your tenants find out who supplies the gas and electricity?
  7. What improvements can your tenants make to your property?
  8. Are your tenants responsible for damage caused by condensation issues if it is not reported?
  9. How many pets can your tenants have at your property?
  10. Can your tenants rent to buy your property?


If the answer is???
You need to give your tenants a TENANT HANDBOOK. Detail is king-DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY: 




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House in Multiple Occupation HIGH RENTAL YIELDS Replace your current income with 1 property

See our latest potential no money left in HMO with a potential net yearly profit of £8,454.00





House in Multiple Occupation Properties-high rental yields. Replace your current income with 1 property






MORE INFO-click on the below link,





Take action-reserve this property:
Or call: 0191 491 0333 and ask for Mike Bell 

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Latest stats from RIGHTMOVE to show the most desirable areas to Buy and Let in The North East

Whatever property investment strategy you have or want to do, it is essential that you understand the importance of the following key thing:




Is the area that you are looking to buy or sell a property in a good area or a bad area? This key fact will dramatically effect how successful your property investment journey is.



  • If you are looking to buy, refurb and flip for a profit
  • If you are looking to buy a Buy to Let property to become a landlord
  • If you are looking to buy a HMO property




Please click on the link below to downloaded the latest stats from RIGHTMOVE to show the most desirable areas to Buy and Let in the North East (we update this every month). This is illustrated by looking at the % amount of new listed properties that are sold or let within a month. The higher the % the better

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Own Cash Flow Positive Investment Property With None Of Your Own Money!

Have you always wanted to invest in property, but don’t have the funds for a big mortgage deposit? Maybe you can’t get the funds due to self-employed status.


Whatever the reason, if you are interested in investing in property, have the passion to be a property investor, we have the solution for you!







We have vendors looking to sell their property throughout the UK via the route of a lease option. A lease option gives our vendors the immediate freedom to walk away from their property with no ongoing financial responsibility and at no cost.

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Get On The Housing Market WITH NO MONEY DOWN Lease Option-New Deal Released at 6:00pm today

New Lease Option deal out today, take action: 



Call Mike Bell (Senior Property Sourcer) to reserve this property. Phone lines are open from 6:00pm today.
0191 491 0333



Take action and click the link below;






Call Mike Bell (Senior Property Sourcer) to reserve this property. Phone lines are open from 6:00pm today. This deal is strictly first come first served basis:
0191 491 0333

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