Flipping Property With NGU Property Investments



Flipping Property With NGU Property Investments

Once NGU have identify the end goals for our investors we will then source suitable properties. We begin by sourcing properties that require work. Once we have identified suitable properties we then arrange to view the properties to determine the level of work required. Finally we research what the end value of the properties would be once the required work was completed. Through our knowledge of area prices, market research and the use of the Instant Valuation Tool we can determine the true value of properties easily.

Those properties that offer the end value that would provide the required return on investment will be put forward to our investors in our Deal Machine for their consideration. Once our investors are happy to go ahead with the properties that we have sourced them we will then follow our 3 Offer Rule to secure the properties. This process has been developed through our years of extensive negotiation experience.

Check out one of our properties that was flipped and look at the deal structure below:

PURCHASE PRICE           : £140,00 
AGREED SALE PRICE     : £178,000



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