Get On The Housing Market WITH NO MONEY DOWN Lease Option-New Portfolio Deal Released- 6pm today

New Portfolio Released Today- Lease Options:



  • Get on the housing market without having to pay Buy to Let deposits.
  • Rent out your Lease Option property and make money on the rental income & the property increasing in value.


New Lease Option Portfolio Released:



  • Portfolio of 10 properties
  • Manchester Lease Option Portfolio, area of Partington
  • Investor selling to raise capital
  • All sitting tenants
  • Taking in rents of £73,200 per year
  • Gross cash flow £43,200 per year, £3,600 pcm

Game Changing Portfolio 
Make Yourself Financially Free For You & Your
Loved Ones



  • A Lease Option is a contract between a seller & buyer which gives the buyer the use of the property from the date of the agreement.
  • The attraction to the buyer is you can piggy back on someone else’s finance to get on the housing market without the need for big Buy to Let deposits.





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Or call: 0191 491 0333 and ask for Mike Bell 
Investment property that will run itself letting you do the things that you enjoy