Have you went backward or side-wards in 2017? Read This!


We regularly get approached by new investors asking us to provide them with properties to secure “financial freedom” for themselves and the people around them.
Success is created by taking the steps towards your vision in the forms of short term and long term goals.


The steps are called ACTION.

To not much of a surprise, everyone is looking for a secret shortcut! “The next big thing, the secret formula, the next bubble!”


These words flow easy from my mind to the keyboard, to your screens.


There are no shortcuts!


The more action you take will give you a better advantage of getting the break you so desperately deserve.


The actions taken should be set around the basis of discipline, consistency and investing in education to stay ahead of the curve.


Understanding how to calculate risk and then applying action taking to your decision making is the most important thing over procrastinating over “the idea of taking part or change”

Most people fail because they are operating at the wrong level of action taking, strength of decision making or tolerance of risk.


As we approach 2018 you have 4 choices:


  1. Continue as you are or do nothing
  2. Retreat / Give Up 
  3. Take a moderate level of action 
  4. Take MASSIVE Action

Over the next few weeks, consider your actions and the results that you have recieved.

Are you happy if next year is the same? Do you need to change or tweak what you are doing? Should you look for an Alternative option? 
Are you TOO comfortable? Do you need to think outside of the box?


A closed mind can be an expensive thing to have.


And finally, remember your reason “Why” ! Why you took this path in the first place, extra income? better life for your family? Travel/ Freedom.


2018 is the year for an alternative solution!

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