Increase your profits and have a guaranteed buyer at the end of a long term tenancy-RENT TO BUY for your Tenants

So, what is RENT to BUY for your Tenants?



RENT TO BUY is a fantastic way for your existing tenant or new tenant to eventually own the property that they are currently renting or going to rent. We have launched this product due to more and more tenants enquiring if they can purchase the property that they are in.




With RENT to BUY for your tenants you have a guaranteed buyer at the end of a long term tenancy agreement. 



What are the benefits to you the seller, of doing a RENT TO BUY?

• With a tenant buyer in place you practically eliminate voids.

• You will have a reliable tenant who has a huge incentive to pay their rent on time.

• The tenant pays for all maintenance costs.

• You will benefit from a future sale of your property, at a pre-agreed price.




We recommend that you analyse your portfolio and decide which properties you wish to sell within the next 5 to 10 years and offer a RENT TO BUY facility on these.


What rent does the tenant pay under the RENT TO BUY scheme until they purchase the property?

• An Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement is offered at a reduced rent of between 10-20% below the current rental value for a period of 6 months to 5 years.

• A lower rental figure is agreed to allow the tenant the opportunity to save up for the required deposit needed to purchase the property.

• A lower rental figure is also agreed because the tenant willbe responsible for all maintenance costs and the seller has a guaranteed monthly rental income with no voids. Therefore both parties have a beneficial agreement which a reduced market rent will achieve.




RENT TO BUY is worth a serious pause for thought if you want to eliminate
repairs, voids and rent arrears

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