#Mid-Week Top Tip – Get Upto 30%+ Return On Investment – Risk / Reward


Very Bold Statement-
If you are looking for MAXIMUM capital appreciation potential, Invest in London,Bristol & surrounding areas.

If you are looking for MAXIMUM potential for a high return on your money, Invest in the North East Of England.
Every Wednesday for the remainder of 2016 we will be sharing all tips involved in the 5 Point Cycle Of Successful Property Investment.

The first point of this cycle begins with finding the opportunities.
We speak to a lot of investors who are looking for opportunities but get overwhelm with “how to invest their hard earned money, where to invest and what strategy/ method is the best to achieve their financial goals.”


1 Are you investing for income, or for capital growth?

2 If you are investing for capital growth, when will you need access to the money?

3 If you are investing for income, can you cope with fluctuations in your income and/or capital?

4 How much can you afford to invest, and is this a lump sum or a regular amount?

5 Can you cope with volatility?

6 What investments do you already have, and do they add up to a balanced portfolio?

The answer to these questions will be the first step to decide which is the best methods to achieve a return on your money.


UK Saving interest comparison website (moneyssavingexpert.com) shows Santander 123 offer 3% on credit balances from £3,000 – up to  £20,000.

Let NGU PROPERTY INVESTMENTS get your money working!


  • Lease Option
  • HMO
  • Buy To Flip
  • Buy To Let 
  • Rock Solid Rental
  • Cash In Bank/ Savings Account

There are many methods of investing and we are confident that historically property is the easiest way to achieve huge returns.



Inflation poses a serious risk, as it erodes both capital and income. Even with low inflation, defending capital and the spending power of returns should be a priority. When investing in the current markets the most successful investors are looking to achieve double digit returns by investing their cash in property.
Leaving your money in the bank to get a 0.5- 3% return will reduce your buying power in the future.


Look At Illustration Below:

How Inflation Can Erode Your Cash


Take a look at how investing in property compared to leaving cash in bank/savings over the past 43 years.




The 5 Point Cycle Of Successful Property Investment:


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