NGU Property Investor Open Day – Friday 25th September

Much of what worked in property investment even 2-5 years ago, is now the wrong approach. If you’re making any of the following critical Property Investment mistakes, please join me for my investor open day on Friday 25th September which you can register for here:



Critical Property Investment Mistakes: 



1 If you’re still buying extremely low valued properties in limited owner occupied areas this is no longer the best approach.



2 If you’re not doing postcode analysis to find the best areas to invest in because you think it’s complicated and confusing, it is easier than you think.



3 If your still ONLY using the Buy to Let method of acquiring property, you are missing out on leads other people are making a lot of money from.



Book your place to attend our FREE Investor Open Day held here in Newcastle- Friday 25th September. 



This will be the beginning of a conversation about working together to increase your portfolio of Buy-to-Let deals and how we can supply you with great Lease Option , Buy to Let, Buy-to-Flip and HMO deals.



Open Day Agenda:



During the day you will have the opportunity to meet some of team and get an insight into how we operate, meet some like-minded investors who are already members of the group, as well as some people – like you – who are checking us out for the first time.



We will also take a tour of one or two current projects we have sourced and get chatting all things property over many cups of tea and biscuits and a buffet!



We are experienced property investors ourselves and own over 150 + properties. We have sourced over 100+ properties since 2008. We truly know what is needed when investing in property.


Remember, the greatest risk IS NOT TAKING ACTION!



Date : 
Friday 25th September


Location :
Angel View Inn
Low Eighton


Duration :
10:30 am – 3:00 pm



Alterantively Contact us:



If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone:



Mike Bell 0191 491 0333