Sell your negative equity rental property anywhere in the UK & get £3,000 cash up front

Lease Options are an ideal way for landlords to sell their Buy to Let properties which have negative or little equity. We have a waiting list of investors who want negative equity Buy to Let properties and in any condition.




We have a waiting list of over 15 investors who are willing to pay up to £3,000.00 cash upfront to you to do a lease option on your property.


So what exactly is a Lease Option?
A Lease Option is a contract between you and a buyer which gives the buyer the use of your Buy to Let property from the date of signing the agreement.



A buyer will look to rent your property out and look to make money on the rental income and the property increasing in value over the option period. Generally option periods are between 5-20 years. The buyer will have the right to buy your property in the agreed option period at a pre agreed price.


Freedom for you
A lease option gives you the immediate freedom to walk away from your Buy to Let property with no ongoing financial responsibility and at no cost. It allows the Option holder to delay the purchase until financing is more favourable. By delaying the transaction the option holder is often able to agree a price sufficient to cover the vendor’s debts where otherwise a traditional immediate purchase might fall short. The agreement is formed via solicitors so that there is no doubt or confusion as to the nature of the agreement and it can be formulated and completed very quickly, within a period of weeks


Benefits to you-the vendor (seller) of doing a Lease Option



  • You could get up to £3,000.00 up front for doing a lease option from the buyer.
  • If your property has negative or little equity this is a way out.
  • You don’t have any maintenance on the property, this responsibility shifts to the new buyer.
  • Peace of Mind.
  • The legal arrangements are handled by solicitors.
  • Sale price locked in.


Lease options are worth a serious pause for thought if your property is in negative or little equity. If you would like to find out more about lease options, I would like to schedule a personal phone call for you with my senior Property Sourcing Manager, Mike Bell. He can answer any questions you have about selling your property


If you would like to schedule a personal call, you can do so here:
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Earn up to £3,000 cash up front just by selling your home with a lease option and still achieve 100% market value






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