Tenant Handbook-tell your tenants how to treat your property!

When a tenant moves into a property managed by us, NGU Homelettings, our key focus will be completing the tenancy agreement and making sure we provide a thorough inventory with photographs. The tenant’s key focus is generally a lot different and they are consumed by the excitement of moving into their new property



Often at the move-in stage, your new tenant will have family members to help them move-in and unpack cars full of furniture. At this stage even though you are trying to highlight the key points to living at your property it generally goes in one ear and out of the other.  It is very important for you and your tenant that you explain HOW your property should be treated so they’ll know what is expected and what isn’t.



This is why we have produced a Tenant Handbook which provides all the information that the tenant needs whilst they are living in your property. The tenant handbook provides detail that could not be included in a tenancy agreement and the language used is more simplified to make it a useful document for the tenant. It covers areas such as:



  • How to Contact us
  • Customer Service Standards
  • Rent
  • Repairs and Improvements
  • Living in Your Home
  • Working Alongside of Tenant(s)
  • Ending a Tenancy
  • Complaints
  • Useful Contacts


This ensures the tenant knows who to call and why and the terms and conditions of renting a property from you.



Please click on the link below to see a copy of the handbook that we give out to our tenants:






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Chris Fitzakerley