The current #1 reason why tenants give notice is to buy their own house! Could ‘rent to buy’ offer you a new direction with your investment property?

Have you ever thought about offering your property as a ‘rent to buy’ property?


In recent months we have seen a stark rise in the number of our tenants moving out of their rented homes to get their foot on the property ladder. What if they could buy the home they are renting from you? Could such an agreement be mutually beneficial for both landlord and tenant?


With interest rates at an all-time low and the launch of the government backed ‘help to buy’ scheme & ISA the opportunities for first time buyers under the current market conditions have become extremely favourable leading to many young working professionals taking advantage whilst they can.


Did you know that under a rent to buy agreement you could benefit from up to 5% capital growth on the full current market value of your property. Rent to buy also offers you the following benefits:



  • Secure a professional tenant
  • Secure a reliable tenant
  • Tenant secured for 5 years
  • No Voids
  • Less Maintenance to deal with, as the tenant will deal with the home as their own
  • Future sale of your property, at a pre-agreed price


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