Top 15 Property Refurbishment Tips For A Rental Property

Top 15 Tips:-

1. Put hard tread matting in the entrance to encourage your tenants to wipe their feet.


2. Paint the exterior door step black-a lot better than touching up white in every tenancy agreement.


3. Put laminate flooring in your living room/diner-these are high traffic areas and while more expensive, laminate will last longer than carpet.


4. Fit a UPVC ceiling in your kitchen/bathroom- you will know longer have condensation problems on the ceiling and you will no longer have to touch up the ceiling after every tenancy.

5. Tile the floor do not fit vinyl-your tenant will just rip the vinyl when they drag their washing machine across the floor or when they take it out at the end of the tenancy.

6. In wet areas (kitchen and bathrooms) remove the skirting boards and replace with tiles for skirting. You will never have to touch up your skirting boards again.



Put UPVC in your reveals in your bathrooms instead of tiling them.


8. Tile your bath panel instead of fitting a plastic one.


9. If you fit a bath use longer brackets than supplied with the bath- they do not provide the best fitting to the wall. Your bath will have a bit of movement in 1-2 years.


10. Do not supply white goods if your property is unfurnished- cut out your integrated cooker and hob.


11. If you are developing your bathroom make the light switch external not a pull cord. The light switch will get grubby and will need re-attached.


12. Use bigger door bars (grip from both sides) than standard fittings. Cheap ones- your carpets will fray 2-3 years down the line.


13. If budget is key-fit a white kitchen rather than a coloured one. End panels will match because they are already white.


14. Extractor fans must always come on when a light is turned on.


15. Internal doors- solid wooden door not an egg boxed door. If you go to a council property, all doors are solid wood-there must be a reason!



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