Top 5 Things Successful Property Investors Do That Other Don’t


Are your actions leading you to success or failure? Replicate the 5 things successful property investors do to achieve long lasting success:


  1. Decide on your property strategy:


  • Buy, develop and sell for a profit
  • Buy to rent out to a tenant
  • If holding property long term, are you buying for the potential capital growth or the rental yield? This decision totally influences the areas you will buy in.
  • Lease Option Properties
  • HMO’s


DONT do a little bit of this.. a little bit of that. clearly define your core strategy and become an expert.


2. Take emotions out of the decision:



  • The figures need to work. Make sure you have a “deal machine” that works out if the deal is any good. I have attached an image of our Below Market Value Deal Machine which helps investors understand what amounts they should offer for a property to make serious profit.You can find this deal machine on our website: 


  1. Make sure you have your power team in place:


  • Make sure you have a solicitor, mortgage broker, property investment company like us in place so when you see an opportunity you can take action.


  1. Never miss an opportunity again:


  • Joint Venture partners- investors can join together to collaborate on property projects.
  • By pooling each others finance together you may be able to get the opportunity that is out there that you previously wouldn’t off.

5.Take action get in contact with us: 


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