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5 Guiding Principles Of Successful Property Investment

This entry was posted on Friday, July 3rd, 2015 by Nigel

Begin with the end in mind-why do you want to invest in property?
What do you want property investment to give you? It is key that your starting point begins with the end in mind.



  • Travel-see new places?
  • Financially free- for you and your love ones?

Do not rely on gut feeling, you can confirm if a property is in a good area or not by looking at the RIGHTMOVE statistics. We measure these every month. This is illustrated by looking at the % of new listed properties that are SOLD or LET each month in each post code area. The higher % of properties that are SOLD or LET each month the better the area. Anything above 20% is a good area to inves



Please click on the link below to download the latest stats from RIGHTMOVE, we update these every month:







Only buy property that allows the potential for a LITTLE MONEY left in finance strategy The property goes up in value through refurbishing it and adding value to be able to pull your refurbishment costs, solicitor costs, deposits costs back out by the property going up in value.


KEY– bad areas will allow you to pull out most or all of your money but why would you want to buy a property in a bad area? There is a 1% degree of difference between a successful property investment and amateurs.


Expect to leave in a between 10%-25% of your initial capital investment if you want a property in a good area and recycle the rest back out to buy your next property. 

After all buying, refurbishment and selling costs you shold be looking to make between £10,000-£20,000 per Buy To Flip.


A contact between a seller & buyer which gives you the use of the property from the date of the agreement. As a buyer you can rent the property out and the beauty of Lease Options is you don’t need a mortgage deposit, you are using the sellers cheap mortgage finance.



We have designed a DEAL machine for each property investment strategy so you can make sure that the figures work.







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Take action and chose one of the following strategies:
1. Is it Lease Options- £150-£250 profit per month from the rent per property


2. Is it Buy to Let- £150-£250 profit per month from the rent per property? 



3. Is it Buy to Flip? £10,000-£20,000 profit per property after all costs? 


4. Is it House in Multiple Occupation? £1,000-£2,000 profit per month off the rent per property? 


Contact us now and book your FREE 30 minute property strategy call with our senior Property Sourcer Mike Bell:
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Want to Save Money in 2019?

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