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Are there too many laws to think about?

This entry was posted on Friday, September 6th, 2019 by Nigel Fitzakerley

Do you know there’s actually 170+ pieces of law as a landlord you MUST abide by? Most landlords can’t name the specific acts but here are the basics you should always be considering:

  • Tenancy deposit protection
  • Annual gas safety inspections
  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Carbon monoxide alarms and;
  • Serving prescribed information

But, can you name the acts these rules come from?

Can you name the legislation that demands an energy performance assessment be ordered before a property is marketed to let. This is detailed in the act The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property)(England and Wales) Regulations 2015.

What about the relevant act that gives tenants the powers to report poor housing conditions? This is covered by Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. It is this act that obliges tenants to keep the property in a “tenant-like manner”. Later acts gave tenants the right to complain without fear of revenge evictions making it a criminal offence to evict a tenant who requests “too many” repairs.

Think about all of this for a second, there’s 170 laws you have to abide by to rent a property.

As a Letting Agent we are dealing with the ins and outs, the nitty gritty bits of this on a daily basis.

So if you are being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of knowledge you need to know or you’re not complying with the law don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Also remember if you fail to comply with the law you may find out later to your cost.

A little tip always protect your deposit with an official scheme, in the correct time frame, with a relevant gas certificate in place or you may find you’re unable to evict your tenant under Section 21.

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