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Following a successful credit check and references you will need to provide the following:

Proof of employment and income (Full time workers and Guarantors)

Originals must be produced and photocopies must be provided. We will collect these from you by visiting you in your current property

Phone numbers


Current address

Previous address (1)

Previous address (2)

Employment/Occupation Details

Employment Dates


Employment Address


Additional Information



As part of NGU Homelettings vetting procedures we will need to contact your employer directly to verify your salary and job position. Please be aware that if you are in a probationary period, a temporary contract or you are contracted through an agency NGU Homelettings will NOT be able to accept you as a guarantor


I give permission for NGU Homelettings to contact my employer to request a reference. I give permission for my employer to disclose details of my employment (salary, job position and employment dates) to NGU Homelettings

Applicant Signature / Declaration

Draw your signature
(Use mouseover on box below. Left click mouse, hold and write your signature)

Important Information for tenants and guarantors

Once we (NGU) have completed our vetting/checks, providing that the application is approved we will offer the applicant/prospective tenant the opportunity to pay a holding fee to take the property off the market. Before the holding fee is taken the following declaration will be read out over the phone to the tenant:

“NGU Homelettings are obliged to make you aware that the holding fee which you are about to pay is a non-refundable deposit. The holding fee will secure the property for you on the basis that you are able to provide NGU Homelettings with all the relevant documentation which they require. This includes proof of identification, income/benefits, national insurance number and current address for yourself and your guarantor, if a guarantor has been requested. NGU Homelettings will require you to provide photocopies of all relevant documentation and originals have to be produced and verified by a staff member of NGU at a home visit in your current property. Failure to provide proof of such documentation would result in your holding fee being revoked and retained by NGU Homelettings. If documentation fails to verify information that has been provided to NGU Homelettings during the credit/vetting procedure the holding fee would again be revoked and retained by NGU Homelettings. In the case of such an event NGU Homelettings would not be able to take you as a tenant and would be forced to re-market the property in question.”

Guarantor Declaration

By ticking this box I hereby confirm that ALL of the information I have provided is factually true and I am aware that I am required to provide proofs of ALL documentation requested in order for the tenant to be given a tenancy and get the keys.

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