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Guides for Tenants-Tenant Handbooks

This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 by Nigel

When a new tenant moves into your property there is a lot to think about-inventory, tenancy agreement, photos, housing benefit forms, etc. If you find that there is a lot of information to take in what do you think your tenants will think? You guessed it – information over-load. That is why at NGU Homelettings we have produced a Tenant Handbook which we give to tenants when they move in. This handbook provides all the information that a tenant will ever need to be able to enjoy living in their property and to make sure that it is handed back in the correct condition or improved. 



If you do not currently give your tenants something like this it is essential you do! While a tenancy agreement tells a tenant about the legalities of their tenure it will not go into real detail about the specifics of living in your property because it isn’t meant to.



Things you need in your Tenant Handbook



  1. How to contact you
  2. Customer service standards
  3. Rent
  4. Repairs and Improvements
  5. Living in your property
  6. Ending a tenancy
  7. Useful contacts


Click on the link below to see our Tenant Handbook we give to all of our tenants.






Over the years we have come across so many different situations and this handbook has been written to try and plan for any circumstance that may arise from a tenant.






Do you know what to say to your tenant if they want to put a trampoline in the garden?



Do you know what to say to your tenant if they want to repair vehicles outside of your property?



Do you know what to say to your tenant if they ask who currently supplies the gas and electricity at the property?



A Tenant Handbook will provide all of these answers.



Tenant Newsletter-watch this space



We are currently in the process of designing a tenant newsletter that we plan to post out to all of our tenants every quarter. The idea behind this is to create a newsletter that will be both informative and create a big bond with our tenants. Happy tenants do not move out!



This newsletter will also look to offer improvement schemes to the tenant. I aim to put a section in the newsletter that will offer ways for a tenant to pay for maintenance to improve their property. E.g. replacement radiator- modern silver towel rails at a set price in bathrooms. UPVC ceilings in bathrooms to prevent condensation marks on skimmed ceilings.



The council do something similar to this and when researching, tenants do take this up. It is a win win situation all round. If the tenant is prepared to pay for some of these improvements then they will be happier in their home, more emotionally attached to it and as a landlord you will have a tenant who is improving your property and hopefully its value.



This newsletter is in its design stage but I hope to have it rolled out soon.






Lettings is about detail – if you are not with a letting agent which offers these type of things, what other short-cuts will they be taking. At NGU Homelettings we pride ourselves on being the best, then raising the standards again!



We offer half price management for any new managed property we take on and we will do all the running around to make sure that is a seamless process. We do everything – meet your current tenant; change the payment details – the full lot.



I look forward to offering our services.



P.S if you want to read other articles which offer REAL helpful tips for landlords then click on our blog page below:








Chris Fitzakerley

Managing Director



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