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How to prevent tenant’s damaging YOUR property accidentally…

This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 15th, 2022 by Nigel Fitzakerley

I’m not sure if we say the same things again and again but being landlords ourselves we see the same problems all the time.  A lot of the problems are often preventable and so a quick change in the way you approach things might save you £’000’s.

People get into property for a multitude of reasons but ultimately YOU should look to make money and we see it as our job to help you.

So one of the biggest issues in modern homes is damp and condensation due to double glazing sealing in moisture and causing dampness.

This is probably the most common problem we see in rented properties and is usually caused by tenants, it results in the largest number of enquiries and complaints.

The easiest way to prevent this damage is to educate your tenants, we often find ourselves finding reasons for damp and then explaining to tenants how to make a small change to their living habits to prevent it.

A good way to do this is to provide a tenant handbook, of which I’ve provided an extract below explaining the types of damp and the six steps your tenant can take to prevent it – CLICK BELOW👇


Chris, our senior property manager did a video, showing examples of condensation, which are easily preventable, with examples of how the tenant could prevent them, not pay for redecoration through their bond and ultimately how this saved the landlord money.

I hope you found the video useful and remember it’s OUR JOB TO SAVE YOU MONEY!

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