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Landlord Top Tip Condensation Update! 👌

This entry was posted on Friday, June 11th, 2021 by Nigel Fitzakerley

You ever met a happy damp specialist?

You might think where is this leading, I’ve never heard a joke about damp specialists?

Damp can be a real problem in any property and it’s often difficult to find out the reason – leaking gutter, failed damp course, condensation from the tumble dryer?

That’s why in our tenant handbook we have a whole section on damp to advise tenants on how to prevent and report it.  The problem with damp, is sometimes we live in old houses which will always have damp and by adding new materials i.e. double glazing we make the problem worse.  Double glazing effectively seals a property and moisture in the air within it.

With damp you can either prevent it or hide it.  A typical way to hide damp is to silver back board and skim your walls.  This means the damp sits behind your plasterboard and is sealed away.

This is our typical go to solution but we recently had a property where the silverback boarding had failed and so we needed another answer?

In bathrooms we often use plastic cladding, since any condensation from the water in the air can be easily rubbed away and it means you don’t have to redecorate between tenancies.  This provides a better solution for the tenant and is cost effective for the landlord.

We used this on an exposed corridor, on a tyneside flat, to hide some damp since we were really struggling to find a solution?

See the video below 👇

As you can see it’s our job to find you cost effective solutions!

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