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#Mid-Week Top Tip – Save money by doing a property condition report on your rental property

This entry was posted on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 by Nigel

#Mid-Week Top Tip
Save money by doing a Point Property Condition Report on your rental property.




Most people will do a “walk round” of their property to make sure it looks presentable for viewings.


Most people will do an “inventory” on their property before a tenant moves in.


Most investors will ensure a property looks good to be advertised on the rental market but do not check the practicality of the property to ensure the initial tenant transition of a move in is smooth.

Tip- Ensure that the property is liveable and that all of the supplies are functioning and secure to ensure that your tenant doesn’t call you for maintenance issues- Costing you money!


Most reactive maintenance comes in the first 6 months of a tenant moving in. Such thinks as leaking pipes, loose door handles, doors which need shaved and loose door bars are maintenance that can be easily avoided. By doing a thorough property condition report on a property before a tenant moves in, will highlight any maintenance issues in one go which is a lot cheaper to sort out than sending individual tradesman to do jobs when they are reported by a new tenant.


NGU Homelettings have systemised how we check a property through our unique 793 point property condition report. This report checks all internal fixture and fittings as well as checking the externals of your property.


Check out our property refurbishment manuals: 

Here are a few points from the 816 point property report that you must check at the end of a tenancy before you re let.
6.     Inspect letter box.
14.   Interior doors-is a door stop required?
15.   Inspect door bar.
27.   Walls-ensure all air vents are unblocked.
56.   Heating-TRV’s present?
233. Confirm kitchen worktops are sealed against the tiles.
236. Kitchen plug present.
606. Ensure toilet seat and lid are properly attached.
748. Inspect outside pipework.
722. Is the external gate secure via a push bolt?
778. Is there a wheelie bin and inspect its contents?
782. Is the shed structure secure including the window?

We offer a 816 point property condition report on all of the properties that we take on for full management. 



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