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#MidWeekTopTip- 7 Top Websites That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked.

This entry was posted on Friday, January 27th, 2017 by Nigel

7 TOP Websites if you are involved in property.
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The internet is such a powerful tool and with access to the internet being everywhere that we go via WiFi hotspots or access via our smart phones, we can make choices relating to property very quick and can reach key facts and information that will shape our journey when it comes to important decision in property.

Here are a list of 7 websites that may be useful in any new property journey.


Get an Instant valuation for any purchase lease options to sell by completing the online form and have a cash offer in 18 Hours!


A very obvious choice for a reason, to complete all property searches and baseline due diligence.


A great website to get Land Registry data, this is the cleanest way to complete due diligence as many investors are swayed by “list prices” or “advertised prices” but these is no better comparison as a sold price or a number of sold prices to give a set range.


Experian provides two levels of tenant check reports that private landlords can use to screen new tenants


Instant Online Valuation – Wondering how much your property is worth or the rental value?


Spare room is an extremely popular portal for landlords and tenants. Probably one of the most popular in the UK. It’s completely free to get an advert listed on Spare Room


There are an abundance of property “groups” on Facebook where you can keep up-to date with the latest property news and strategies.

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