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Slip Point Principle How do You Slip Up In Property Investment?

This entry was posted on Monday, July 27th, 2015 by Nigel

The slip point principle is the 1 degree of difference between a successful property investment and amateurs. Property investment should always be: Rock Solid Property Investment.






I wanted to share with you a recent property I found on RIGHTMOVE- Anthony Street, Easington. At £18,000 and the potential of rents of £300-£360 it looks a fantastic yielding property!


HOWEVER- as a property investor there is a key thing you need to consider:


Limited Owner Occupier Areas:
Extremely low valued properties will provide great headline high rental yields but more often than not, such headline figure cannot be achieved through voids and the type of tenants these areas attract.


These type of properties are in mainly investor only areas with limited owner occupiers causing heavily restricted capital growth.


There are areas all across the country like this. Do not just go for the “Shiny Coin Property”, with the best headline figures. Make sure you do your research!


Buy Property In Good Areas
At NGU we analyse every post code in the North East by looking at the RIGHTMOVE statistics. We measure this every month. This is illustrated by looking at how many properties are listed each month and how many properties have SOLD or LET within that month. The higher the % of properties that have SOLD or LET, the better the demand is. More people want to live these areas that’s why the properties are selling and renting.


Anything above 20% is a good area to invest. Anything below 10% press your X factor button!


Please click on the link below to download the latest stats from RIGHTMOVE –







Make sure your 1 degree of difference makes your property investment a Rock Solid Property Investment.


Take action:


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