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Top Weekly Maintenance Tips for Landlords

This entry was posted on Friday, January 30th, 2015 by Nigel

Exterior Wooden/ UPVC/Composite Door



Wooden – Wooden doors may be the cheapest option but think again when it comes to the long term maintenance involved. Wooden doors will need painting over the years and swell due to weather conditions. You may end up paying for a joiner to come back out when the door has swelled and it becomes jammed shut. Wooden doors will also let in the cold and with the cost of gas going up each year, tenants will start thinking about how economical their property is. 



UPVC – when fitting a UPVC door it is best that you get a door which has no glass in it and the middle panel of the door is in two sections as opposed to one. The reasons behind this are that glass is more expensive to replace and if your door gets damaged it is cheaper to replace the top or bottom panel than it is to replace a full panel.



Composite Door – we now fit these type of doors when an external front door needs replacing. They look fantastic and create a good first impression. They are also of a high quality and if the council are fitting them in their properties there must be a reason for it. The council only fit things that are made to last – hence you will be developing a long term strategy.



Hobs and Cookers



When a property becomes empty, that we own, we always look to take out the hob and cooker and leave a space in the kitchen for one. In my experience the expectation of a tenant who is looking for an unfurnished property is that it doesn’t come with a cooker. Therefore why have the liability in having to replace the hob and cooker when it breaks?



I hope you have found these tips useful and as I always like to do in my e-shots when I come across new best practice that I see through being a landlord myself and managing other peoples properties – I like to share them with you!!



If my e-shots seem common sense and you want a letting agent who really understands how to manage properties then give us a call if you want to transfer your properties across. We cover the whole of the North East and we have a free transfer policy to take your property on.



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