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What’s the easiest way to add 20% in value to your property? 🤔

This entry was posted on Saturday, September 25th, 2021 by Nigel Fitzakerley

What’s the easiest way to add 20% in value to your property?

That’s the magic question.

When I first started I used to do the refurbs myself.  I can remember the first property I bought, which was with my brother.  It was a 2-bed ground floor flat in Bensham, Gateshead.  It had a front room as you walked in, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom to the back.  It was a bit of a state when we bought it, I think an old lady had lived in it, and it ultimately needed gutting.

The problem with refurbishing a property is where do you start and what’s the best way to get the most for your money…

For us – It was usually hard work, with me being at the end of a paintbrush deep into the night.  You’d then try and fit a kitchen (poorly), get a cheap plumber to do your bathroom and find the cheapest boiler you could find.

Sound familiar?

Luckily we’ve moved on a little bit from that now. Whenever we do a refurb, we’re constantly assessing the cost versus the long term gain.  One of the biggest wins you can find is having a large bedroom with two windows. It’s the easiest thing in the world to put up a stud wall and add an extra bedroom. It’s also the easiest way to add value! Guess what as well?

There’s tonnes of other things you can do:

  • Tiled skirts in kitchens to prevent water damage
  • Plinth LED lights – To add a WOW!
  • Move your bathroom upstairs – again adding tonnes of value to a house!
  • Never scrimp on the small things like taps (spending a couple of extra £’s makes a BIG difference)
  • TV aerials in bedrooms – tenants love it
  • Put a feature wall in your lounge

One of the company owners, Chris, did all of these things in a refurb we recently did👇

As you can see when first considering what to do on a refurb you need to decide the best way to spend your money:

  • Can you create an extra bedroom by splitting a large one to create value?
  • Is it possible to move the bathroom upstairs?
  • What are your WOW moments – feature walls, LED’s in the kitchen?
  • What do tenant’s want – aerials in the bedrooms?

All of these things will add £’000’s to the value of your property, make it more appealing, which in turn will increase the rental yield and average length of tenancy.

Wouldn’t that be great?  Doing a refurb which generates you MORE INCOME!

That why – It’s our job to generate YOU long term wealth from property.

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